Friday, 2 January 2009

Chunky Cabled EarFlapper

Chunky Cabled Ear Flapper -
(Suitable for Snowboarders and skiers, or cuteness)

I bought this wonderfully soft chunky yarn, 80% polyacrylic 20% superwash wool, and I thought this would be the ideal yarn for this project.

So I knitted up a chunky yarn version of my Cabled Ear Flapper.

It worked wonderfully, so much so, the first one I made, Im keeping for myself.

I wrote up the pattern and I have it ready in PDF format. Im just waiting for Ravelry to hook me up with a PDF download.

I have enough of this lovely chunky soft yarn to make atleast 2 more.

So this second one I have made is already listed on

So you can either buy one ready made, or the pattern. You decide :)

Ps. 2 days to go till snowboarding

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Carol said...

Oh it's lush!!!! I love it. Love big sis!