Tuesday, 26 February 2008

The Snowboard Hat Take 2 - To match my jacket

So, after the original hat getting a bit wet in the snow in France, and subsequent washing, the hat grew a bit and the holes in the crochet were a bit larger than i hoped for. Also after trialing my new hat with my new glasses/goggles combination, the arms of my glasses were raising up the earflaps. So with this experience i realised i needed some longer ear flaps to keep out the cold when wearing my sunglasses. Also going up in the chair lift was a little cold so felt like i wanted something to wrap me up. So i decided to remake the hat with 2 things in mind. Bigger ear flaps, and a smaller crochet hook.

This is what i got...

I am fairly pleased with it. But i ran out of the brown wool just before the earflaps, i wanted the body of the earflap to be in the brown with a pink edging, but i guess it doesnt really detract from it.

As i was making the earflaps, i decided to put a button on it so i could do it up under my chin. I might look a fool, but i will be a warm fool!!

Also the crochet is quite tight, maybe a bit too tight, so on the first wash, maybe this will settle to be what i was hoping for.

One more thing - i want to introduce Fred the Head, my recent ebay purchase. He has been great when making the hats as he is a touch smaller than my head, so what ever fits on him will be snug on me, which is good as you need a bit of stretch to keep the hat on. The other thing is that it is great to be able to see the hat on at different points to see the shape and how it is going, eg for increasing or decreasing.

So now that im sorted, my big sis can have the first one i made!! :)

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Ellies Hat

After a request from my sister, I made my neice this hat.

Its a crochet Spiral hat in DK pink and Purple on a 4.5mm hook.

I just hope it fits now.

Ski Hat

A friend of mine, who was intriqued by my speed crochet on the car journey, asked me if i could make him a hat to match his ski boots.

I made this.

I knitted this one top down. Which was ok, but hard work to do on the DPNs. The reason i wanted to do this one top down was so that i could work out the size better on the fly, rather than having to cast on the right amount of stitches. This would have been ok, except as the hat grew, I still wasnt able to try the hat on as the circular needles were too small to fit it on my head. I should have really changed over to the DPNs again to do this.

Thist wasnt my best effort at a hat, and might make it again later to do a better job of it.

Geneva Hat

So the snowboarding trip....

I wanted to take something with me but was concerned that i couldnt take knitting needles on the flight. So i decided to take my crochet hooks.

Having bought this 5og ball of ribbon big wool that was reduced to clear, i thought i would just take that and a really big crochet hook. That way it would be so big it coulnt offend the airport people.

As it happened i didnt start my crochet on the plane. But when we got the hire cars at Geneva airport, i thought i would start then. I am really not a good passenger in cars, especially when i am not farmiliar with the roads, so i thought it best to concentrate on my crochet and not look at the road.

By the time we arrived, i had crocheted the entire body of the hat (except for the ear flaps). This was a 1hr and 1/2 drive and the big wool was a breeze to crochet, even with the ribbon in it.

I managed to finish off the hat on my second night of the trip. Around the open fire!! I was very chuffed when the 50g ball managed to make the entire hat, ear flaps and plaited strings - with no spare wool at all.

I wore this hat the most on the trip as it covered my ears better when i had my goggles/glasses on, and was able to hold on to the strings when we were on the chilly chair lifts!!

Ps, i did mean to add the bump to the top of this hat. I liked the pointy shape.

Tonys Snowboarding Hat

Following the success of my Snowboarding hat, i had to make this one for Tony.

This was knitted on 5mm circular needles. Using the DK yarn again doubled up.

Snowboarding Hat

So i wanted to make a hat to match my snow jacket. I saw a pic of a hat online that i liked (http://www.woollywormhead.co.uk/USERIMAGES/SLimePinkBobbleHat.JPG) so I wanted to make one like this. My jacket is Pink and Brown so I tried to get colours to match. It was quite difficult to do this but the colours I found were not too bad.
Having spoke to a few people on the http://www.crochetville.org/ forum they informed me that this was just single crochet. They also gave me the advice to start from the top and work down.

So thats what i did.
The pictures were taken after the first wash. and the hat stretched a bit after that. I am fairly happy with the hat, but i think i will use a smaller crochet hook for the next one. The size recommended by the yarn was 5mm. but as you can see, the stiches are not too tight, and i think i would have liked it a bit tighter.
But all in all, i didnt think this was a bad first effort.

1st Crochet Hat

My sister gave me some knitting and crochet stuff for christmas, so after my first two knitted hats i thought i would give the crochet hooks a chance.

I followed some patterns and info from the net and came up with this one.

Cochet was tough to start. It was really confusing when the spiral was small, but as it grew, i just flew along. I think this hat took about 4 hrs to finish in total. Coupled with the fact that i didnt have to worry about dropping stitches, and also being able to try on my hat as i went for size, i was very happy with my first attempt at crochet.

Made from
33g (approx) of black DK wool
33g (approx) of pink DK wool
with 3.5mm crochet hook.

Hat Take 2

So i tried to rectify what i did wrong with the other hat. I made this one on circular needles size 5mm. I cast on more stitches and i made sure i reduced the number of stitches for the ribbing.

This time the ribbing was spot on really, but i think the hat was a little too big, not by much but maybe by 1 inch around.

Made from

33g (approx) of black DK wool
33g (approx) of pink DK wool
On 5mm circular needles.

Hat No 1

So this was hat number 1. I bought one like this a long time ago and lost it, so this was to replace it.

Unfortunately, i did not reduce the number of stitches on the bottom rib and as you can see in the image the rib wants to turn up. It looks ok turned up but this was not what i was aiming for. I think it was a little small and maybe the kneedles used were a little too small also. I think that i could have atleast gone up to a 4.5 mm considering i was doubling up the yarn.

Made from

33g (approx) of black DK wool

33g (approx) of red DK wool

On 4mm straight needles.

I made the peice flat and seemd up the back.