Saturday, 26 July 2008

Hammock Bracelet - Beaded Crochet Rope + Freeform Crochet Bracelet

I wanted to experiment with a crochet beaded rope, and after a few tries, and tearing my hair out, it finally clicked and I got going with it.

I wanted to make this one in to a bracelet, but thougth that the crochet rope all around the wrist would be too bulky and uncomfortable for wearing in the day. So i made a freeform crochet peice to sit accross the back of the wrist. This bit looks like a hammock hence the name.

Im really pleased with this peice and think it looks funky.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Pineapple Cuff - Size M - Orange and Blue

Looking through the collection of random colours that were sent to me from my ebay freebie, I saw that this orange colour matched some beads I had previously purchased. So wanting to try out the new crochet cotton, i thought i would re make the pineapple cuff in a smaller size.

The colours are a bit vivid, and to be honest, I hadnt imagined that it would look like it does. But the more i look at it, the more i think its pretty funky.
As for the crochet cotton, i do love it, It is much more delicate than the thicker stuff that i have been using previously, but not too thin that it is hard to work.
You may have noticed my etsy link on my blog now. I didnt intend to do this, but was bored this morning and thought i would talk a look around etsy. I listed 2 items, this one included. My thought was, that as it cost so little to list and the listings stay in place for 4 months, i might as well give it a try.

We will see what happens with it.

Friday, 18 July 2008

Freeform Crochet Choker

I bought some anchor crochet cotton from ebay earlier this year, not knowing what kind of threads would work best for crochet jewellry.

When It arrived, i was quite suprised of the texture of it, and was aprehensive about how things would turn out.

Here is the first peice I have made with it.
I wanted to make a necklace of sorts as I have made a lot of cuffs and bracelets so far.

I didnt know how this one would turn out and didnt have a set plan. After a few retrys half way in, I finally got it to lay flat.

Once I had made it, I realised that it would sit nicer on this metal choker that i had got in a jewelry beading kit.

For crochet jewelry, so far, I have tried out the follwoing threads
  • 3 ply cotton - ver soft and floppy.
  • DMC 6 strand embroidery floss - lovely sheen but harder to work with as its stranded - but benifit is that you can make it thinner if needs be.
  • Torcal by Circulo - Size Perle#5 - I do like this, but sometimes i find its not dainty enough when i need it to be.

I have just acquired some Ruby by Circulo - Crochet #20Perle #8 - from ebay. I got 10 balls for free!! Ebay were doing a special promotion the other day where they gave you a free £5 to spend on ebay including postage. I managed to buy these 10 balls for £4.99 total. So thank you to ebay and paypal for my gift.

I will be trying something out to see how they work next.

Update on my sewing machine... I have made a knitting needle roll for my straight needles. I need to finish it off with something to close it. The machine was sooooo much better to use than my old one. Now all i need to worry about is my sewing construction rather than working the machine.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Janome 8077 - Making room on my desk!!

Thanks to my lovely sister Carol aka Taylor's Textile Trials, I am now the proud owner of a new Janome 8077!! My sister is a fab textile fiber artist and knows a thing or 2 about sewing machines, and she took me to her lockal sewing machine shop in swansea (Cliffords Sewing Machines Ltd). I have to say thank you to Mike who gave me a great demo and also a discount!! :)

My mother gave me an old sewing machine some years ago, but over time, and much struggle with it, i gave up trying to do projects on it as it always messed up the work. My knitting and crochet rolls are good examples of the machines bad work. I gave up sewing on it at that point as it was just so hard do use.

I am now really excited about finishing off my other rolls I need to make - one for my straight needles and one for my DPN's. After that, I will have to see what else i come up with, as i better use it now i spent all this money!!

Also, another present (to myself) that came in the post today :) my bead organisers. Since i needed to make room on my desk for my new machine, I needed a secure location for my beads. I found these on ebay, and they came all the way from america. Mini tic tac boxes in a storage box. I have filled 2 boxes alread!! only another 3 more to go.

Lastly, a quick update on the garden. I have loads of tomatoes now, they just need to ripen up. Im so impatient though, just cant help checking everyday to see if they are ready!! Also, my first courgette and cucumber have doubled in size over the last few days. I have 2 peppers also getting quite big, maybe 1/4 size right now. What can i say about my sole runner bean plant!! It HAD black fly. I say had as they had a fight with a water pistol and soapy water, and now they have gone!! But i cant stop itching, so maybe they have jumped on me!! lol

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Cross Leaf Freeform Crochet Cuff

I have been looking at some irish crochet online, and loved the texture of the irish leaf design. I had a few go's at this one before i decided on my shape, then I built it up. Im quite pleased with it as I love the texture of the layers.

Crown Freeform Crochet Cuff

I had an idea in my head about this one, but I just cant finish it.

I think i dont have the right colour to contrast it, and will get on and order some different tones to see what goes.