Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Freedom Microlite Seat Covers

So here are the pictures or the new covers 

I think the colours go well with the dark wood and the feel of the material is lovely.

I did make a bit of a rookie mistake when ordering the material.  I made an assumption about the way the nap of the fabric would run.  I assumed it would be down the roll of fabric, and worked out how much material i needed based on that fact.  I was wrong, and had to order another meter of fabric! That's a lesson I wont repeat.

Other than that mistake, the construction was pretty straight forward and has resulted in a lovely finish.  I took about 9 hrs to make and wasnt too complicated.  Cutting out was the hardest bit.

Freedom Microlite Caravan

Spending so much time in the winter snowboarding, our summer activity has always been camping on weekends to save on time off work.

For the last few years we have been the camping with a camplet trailer tent but having been washed out one too many times last year, we have upgraded to a caravan.

We purchased a Freedom Microlite for a bargain price.  Its 19 years old but in OK condition.  One thing that needed doing right away was to make new covers for the seat cushions.

We have already taken out the dirty coloured carpet to reveal the original lino underneath.

It took a month of getting samples and travelling around fabric shops, but now we have chosen.
There wasn't much options out there and not much at all on offer in the shops.

I choose a teal coloured chenille material.
More pictures of the new covers to come.