Tuesday, 20 January 2009

3 New Hats Complete

I have Knitted 2 more Chunky Cabled Ear Flap Hats, one of which has sold already (actually, it had sold before I had even knitted it). The other is now in stock on the site.

The other hat i made over the weekend is the Snowboard Mohawk Beanie Ear Flap Hat. This was to replace the stock on the site, as I have sold 2 of these so far.
As for what else im doing, I have a list of things to do really. I have some ear flaps to add to my other half's beanie, as he found that he really wanted when we were on hols last. Also, I did start out trying to pattern up my Aran weight Cabled Ear Flap Hat, but i realised 30 rows in, that I really dont have the correct weight yarn to do this right now. So until I do, i think i might start on a DK weight version.

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