Thursday, 26 February 2009

New Knitting Bin

I am so pleased with my most recent purchase, that i really had to tell you all about it.
I have been needing a bigger recepticle for my yarn of late, as i mostly knit or crochet in double which means i need 2 balls of wool at a time. And especially doing colour work, i then need even more at a time. My knitting bagasket that my sister made me is great but i need to hold more volume when sitting in front of the TV crocheting :)

So i wanted a basket or a box to put beside my chair.
I found this online - good old ikea. The Viren Waste Bin from Ikea - Advertised as a bathroom bin, it has a hole in the lid ? why -
Well for me this means i dont have to cut a hole in it.
It can happily hold 6 x 100g of wool and allow me to poke the working yarn through the hole, and work with the lid on :)
Now my living room is a little tidyer and it cost me less than £3!!

On to recent creations.... Some hats for the winter sports mentalists - Snowboard or Ski

I am such a busy bee at the moment, i have so many ideas and things i want to do that i really cant fit them all in, but i want to complete them all now!!!!

I am busy trying to sort out a custom ordering section for my site while trying to make some stock hats to demonstrate all the custom possibilities.

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Carol said...

Hia babe, love the new yarn holder. How big is it babe? Next time you go by there could you pick me one up? Love the new hats, they are lush! Can't wait to start mine this weekend!