Monday, 14 July 2008

Janome 8077 - Making room on my desk!!

Thanks to my lovely sister Carol aka Taylor's Textile Trials, I am now the proud owner of a new Janome 8077!! My sister is a fab textile fiber artist and knows a thing or 2 about sewing machines, and she took me to her lockal sewing machine shop in swansea (Cliffords Sewing Machines Ltd). I have to say thank you to Mike who gave me a great demo and also a discount!! :)

My mother gave me an old sewing machine some years ago, but over time, and much struggle with it, i gave up trying to do projects on it as it always messed up the work. My knitting and crochet rolls are good examples of the machines bad work. I gave up sewing on it at that point as it was just so hard do use.

I am now really excited about finishing off my other rolls I need to make - one for my straight needles and one for my DPN's. After that, I will have to see what else i come up with, as i better use it now i spent all this money!!

Also, another present (to myself) that came in the post today :) my bead organisers. Since i needed to make room on my desk for my new machine, I needed a secure location for my beads. I found these on ebay, and they came all the way from america. Mini tic tac boxes in a storage box. I have filled 2 boxes alread!! only another 3 more to go.

Lastly, a quick update on the garden. I have loads of tomatoes now, they just need to ripen up. Im so impatient though, just cant help checking everyday to see if they are ready!! Also, my first courgette and cucumber have doubled in size over the last few days. I have 2 peppers also getting quite big, maybe 1/4 size right now. What can i say about my sole runner bean plant!! It HAD black fly. I say had as they had a fight with a water pistol and soapy water, and now they have gone!! But i cant stop itching, so maybe they have jumped on me!! lol

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