Saturday, 26 July 2008

Hammock Bracelet - Beaded Crochet Rope + Freeform Crochet Bracelet

I wanted to experiment with a crochet beaded rope, and after a few tries, and tearing my hair out, it finally clicked and I got going with it.

I wanted to make this one in to a bracelet, but thougth that the crochet rope all around the wrist would be too bulky and uncomfortable for wearing in the day. So i made a freeform crochet peice to sit accross the back of the wrist. This bit looks like a hammock hence the name.

Im really pleased with this peice and think it looks funky.

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Carol said...

This is imense Sian, I love it! Clever you. Love the colour too. My birthday is coming, hin hint!!!!! Sorry i didn't ring you back too, have been mental busy. Don't think that oing that far the 1 st time with Ellie in case she kicks off, what about somewhere on the Gower????