Friday, 18 July 2008

Freeform Crochet Choker

I bought some anchor crochet cotton from ebay earlier this year, not knowing what kind of threads would work best for crochet jewellry.

When It arrived, i was quite suprised of the texture of it, and was aprehensive about how things would turn out.

Here is the first peice I have made with it.
I wanted to make a necklace of sorts as I have made a lot of cuffs and bracelets so far.

I didnt know how this one would turn out and didnt have a set plan. After a few retrys half way in, I finally got it to lay flat.

Once I had made it, I realised that it would sit nicer on this metal choker that i had got in a jewelry beading kit.

For crochet jewelry, so far, I have tried out the follwoing threads
  • 3 ply cotton - ver soft and floppy.
  • DMC 6 strand embroidery floss - lovely sheen but harder to work with as its stranded - but benifit is that you can make it thinner if needs be.
  • Torcal by Circulo - Size Perle#5 - I do like this, but sometimes i find its not dainty enough when i need it to be.

I have just acquired some Ruby by Circulo - Crochet #20Perle #8 - from ebay. I got 10 balls for free!! Ebay were doing a special promotion the other day where they gave you a free £5 to spend on ebay including postage. I managed to buy these 10 balls for £4.99 total. So thank you to ebay and paypal for my gift.

I will be trying something out to see how they work next.

Update on my sewing machine... I have made a knitting needle roll for my straight needles. I need to finish it off with something to close it. The machine was sooooo much better to use than my old one. Now all i need to worry about is my sewing construction rather than working the machine.

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Carol said...

Needs beads I think babe! Love it, next one needs a dropper, tear drop shape? Love the colour.