Tuesday, 26 February 2008

The Snowboard Hat Take 2 - To match my jacket

So, after the original hat getting a bit wet in the snow in France, and subsequent washing, the hat grew a bit and the holes in the crochet were a bit larger than i hoped for. Also after trialing my new hat with my new glasses/goggles combination, the arms of my glasses were raising up the earflaps. So with this experience i realised i needed some longer ear flaps to keep out the cold when wearing my sunglasses. Also going up in the chair lift was a little cold so felt like i wanted something to wrap me up. So i decided to remake the hat with 2 things in mind. Bigger ear flaps, and a smaller crochet hook.

This is what i got...

I am fairly pleased with it. But i ran out of the brown wool just before the earflaps, i wanted the body of the earflap to be in the brown with a pink edging, but i guess it doesnt really detract from it.

As i was making the earflaps, i decided to put a button on it so i could do it up under my chin. I might look a fool, but i will be a warm fool!!

Also the crochet is quite tight, maybe a bit too tight, so on the first wash, maybe this will settle to be what i was hoping for.

One more thing - i want to introduce Fred the Head, my recent ebay purchase. He has been great when making the hats as he is a touch smaller than my head, so what ever fits on him will be snug on me, which is good as you need a bit of stretch to keep the hat on. The other thing is that it is great to be able to see the hat on at different points to see the shape and how it is going, eg for increasing or decreasing.

So now that im sorted, my big sis can have the first one i made!! :)

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Carol said...

Love fred the head, great idea! I love it. I love the way you have done this babe, I like th pink contrast. Well done, you are writting like a seasoned blogger and hat maker!