Saturday, 16 February 2008

Geneva Hat

So the snowboarding trip....

I wanted to take something with me but was concerned that i couldnt take knitting needles on the flight. So i decided to take my crochet hooks.

Having bought this 5og ball of ribbon big wool that was reduced to clear, i thought i would just take that and a really big crochet hook. That way it would be so big it coulnt offend the airport people.

As it happened i didnt start my crochet on the plane. But when we got the hire cars at Geneva airport, i thought i would start then. I am really not a good passenger in cars, especially when i am not farmiliar with the roads, so i thought it best to concentrate on my crochet and not look at the road.

By the time we arrived, i had crocheted the entire body of the hat (except for the ear flaps). This was a 1hr and 1/2 drive and the big wool was a breeze to crochet, even with the ribbon in it.

I managed to finish off the hat on my second night of the trip. Around the open fire!! I was very chuffed when the 50g ball managed to make the entire hat, ear flaps and plaited strings - with no spare wool at all.

I wore this hat the most on the trip as it covered my ears better when i had my goggles/glasses on, and was able to hold on to the strings when we were on the chilly chair lifts!!

Ps, i did mean to add the bump to the top of this hat. I liked the pointy shape.

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Carol said...

I love this hat on you! It fits well and is a great shape for you!