Thursday, 25 September 2008

Un Named Bag - HELP?!

I have been making this bag for a few weeks now.

The bag itself took very little time. It is lined inside with green lining and interfaced for stiffness. The outer lining is a satin kind of fabric. I made up the shape as I went along and followed no patterns.

But the handles!!! omg. Its made from leatherette and is quite soft. Trying to topstitch the bag handles was a nightmare. I bought a special roller foot for my machine, but the feed dogs would just chew the under layer. The top layer looked good, I turned it over, and It was all scuffed.

I was so annoyed, as the topstitching was the last job and I had done the rest really neatly. I have had to unpicked these handles and re do twice!!

Finally I decided i would sew some of the lining on to the leatherette - thats the green you can see. Then cut out the handles, and turn inside out. I then finally hand stitched around too keep both sides together.

I am not really happy with the finish. I really would have liked to topstitch around the top of the bag. But i am just so scared of scuffing it again and ruining it.

Any one have any ideas how i could have made sewing this easier?

Anyway, I think the bag deserves a name, any suggestions?

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Carol said...

I know I know, put a piece of tissue paper or paper underneath.this will hopefully stop the chewing!!! I love it - It is a bit of a Dolly bag!!!!