Friday, 24 October 2008


I meant to update the blog with photos of my trip to Tignes. But the day i arrived back in work, i found out i had been made redundant. Bummer. So was a bit down in the dumps, and i havent really looked at the holiday pics or vids.

But I finally picked myself out of my :( feeling, and I have managed to land my self 2 job offers. I have the weekend to decide now :Z

But over this time, i have been busy, so here are a few shots of what I have done.
Yellow and Green Ladies Beanie

White Blue and Orange Earflapper (Unisex)

Mauve and Teal Mens (Large) Beanie

My Little Inga
Baby Heart Hat

Tri Coloured Crochet Hat

Purple Slouch
And my personal favourite
Green and Teal Earflapper

More photos of all in my flicker account.

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stina said...

i love the hats, esp my 'little inga' - it's gorgeous!