Friday, 14 March 2008

Vicky's birthday present

Since I didnt know what to get my sis for her birthday, i thought i would make her something. I thought i better not make her something that she would have to wear in public, so i decided to make her some slippers.

But after about 2 rows I went off on my own.
I had 2 balls of the same wool - one in pink and one in brown, so i thought i would use this. I knew that i woulnt have enough to make a pair in the same colour, so i made the soles in the dark colour, and the rest in the pink colour.
I just spoke to my sister who was pleased with them, more as a comedy item than slippers really. Some of her describing words were - foot mittens, oven socks, adult baby booties, and just weird!! :)
So it was a good job i didnt make her anything that she would have to wear in public.

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