Saturday, 8 March 2008

Gloves to Match

Its been so cold this winter, or maybe its me being a wuss. I decided to make some gloves out of the same yarn as i used for the baseball hat. They are fingerless gloves - with a mitt.

I think my sister vicky had some of these when we were kids but they had multicoloured fingers!!

I followed this pattern - but really only roughly. I used a different hook size so i knew i was going to have to scale them up a bit. I just followed it for the gist of the pattern.

Note To Self - things i realised during and after making the second glove

- if you make changes to the pattern, write it down, as you have to then try and make the second one the same!!

- dont pick up extra crochet stitches between the fingers - they can get too bulky.

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