Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Cusom Made Beanies

These are my recently made custom made beanies/hats.

A thin beanie, with a loose stitch. This was requested by a snowboarder with a hot head.

Decorated with a light blue trim. This hat is thin and light and perfect for spring skiing and snowboarding.

Deerstalker type hat. Decorated with hand made buttons :)

This hat is a real cutie and would be nice and warm for the winer.

The bright colours would really stand out from the crowd.

Also the type of yarn that is used has a slight glitter about it.

This is another version of the Chunky Cabled Ear Flapper, as requested by a customer.

Having run out of the chunky wool I was using, i have re-patterned the design to suit 3 strands of DK. If anyone is interested in this pattern, i could pattern this up for sale on Ravelry.

My first attempt at a semi fleece lined beanie. It is real cute and cuddly.

The fleece is only around the ear level, so your head wont get too toasty, but your ears will be defended from the nasty wind.

I have a few more fleece lined hats in the pipeline, so check back.

Lastly, a shot from my last trip.

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