Saturday, 12 April 2008


Just came back from Snowboarding and this is what i made on the aeroplane on the way out.

- I just wanted to take something small and non offensive to the aeroplane people so i just took a crochet hook and a small ball of left over yarn.

I didnt really intend on making anything, it was more about playing with stitches, but found myself making the cuff.

I put it on then and barely took it off the whole time. It is a little bit worn and fluffy now from getting wet and battered about.

I have worn it in the office a bit too - it helps me cope with the air conditioning!! Seriously - I do get quite cold hands and feet - Bad circulation. So it has been helping a little to keep them toasty.

This morning, after finishing off the darning of ends on the Aphrodite Jumper, I used the odds and ends to make this cuff. With insporation from - I made this cuff using double crochet - half trebles and treble crochet. (or sc hdc and dc in the US pattern)

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